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#1350647 May 10, 2009 at 01:44 PM
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Hooray for giant arse boss fights with multiple stages! Looks awesome.

Multiple paths to get Wards - will definitely ask a question about that!

Wards are no longer attached to armor pieces, but are now attached to ToK - part of the overhaul to Wards

You can invade enemy instances with specific objectives to survive and kill enemy players.

7 PQ's and 8 boss fights in dungeon. There's also a pendulum trap with a pattern that needs to be passed.

Locust swarm is the indiana Jones boulder - have to outrun it but skeletons occasionally root players and need help.

Solo dungeon crawls that are time-based. Curse which ticks damage on you, so you must get to the bottom before time runs out.

Just saw an undead vulture lift a player into another area.

PQ's are solo friendly at all times in Land of the Dead - no champ mobs will kick you out.

18 PQ's for Land of the Dead, with different theme, like "stages" in a console game

Some highlights of interviews - Bob Mull addressing the GOA/Mythic situation, Jeff and Gabe on new Wards system, Josh and Paul on priorities

The all-star MMO press crew + Gabe fared sort-of well on Land of the Dead content. All in-game footage WILL be publshed. I play very badly.

Here's a nugget of the Combat and Careers interview: Nate Levy gets you guys feel the pain with AoE. It's known to be too easy

GOA/Mythic interview bit - Bob Mull confirms start of movement to improve equality for EU players, starting with promo codes.
#1352988 May 11, 2009 at 03:34 PM
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